Who we are
tokai is an organization that tries to blend the need in all the aspects that young organizations needs in order to be succesfull. From mentoring to incubation, to securing financing, to management assistance.
Senior Consulting Boutique
Mergers and Acquisitions
Identifying investment targets, merger opportunities and strategic alliances to strengthen company objectives. Acting on behalf of sellers to prepare acquisitions memorandum, asses in the negotiation process and closing deals.
Due dilligences
Planning and conducting due diligence efforts to determine the financial and operational flexibility of joint operations or acquisitions capable of integrating accounting, auditing and legal services.
Family Companies
Consulting services to support the special needs of family organizations, including company structures, Board assistance amd succession planning.
Board support
Participate in board meeting as independent board member. Facilitate meetings and transfer governance knowledge to family members.
Succession planning
Assist family companies in determining current and future organization structures including necessary documents needed for proper governance.
Financial planning
Advise family boards on key financial issues including executive compensation, stock options and capital planning.
Technology Consulting
Technology Review
Conduct technology assessment for organization needing an independent review of the software, infrastructure, network of human resources. Support for project management and system implementations.
A deep dive
Consulting services for A deep dive into determining cost savings through outsourcing. Identification of technology stacks candidates for outsourcing.
Captive centers for infrastructure
Many companies chooses to establish their own captive centers for infrastructure, business process outsourcing or information technology. Our organization advises clients as to different organization models and studies local and overseas locations as possible candidates.
Impact channels and distribution systems
Nood development in technology have recently open the doors to impact channels and distribution systems for product and services. We advisor clients on how and when to take advantage of mobility tools, social networks, data analysis, cloud computing and security.
Nearshore Services
Tokai Consulting is especially proud to offer its strong knowledge of nearshore IT and BPS outsourcing.

North American and European organizations logically consider similar times on services to improve productivity, functional understanding, follow-the-sun concepts and additional cost savings